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Need some fitness "pinspiration"? We've got it!
By Lisa Delaney | Posted March 25, 2013
Best exercise routines on Pinterest.

Judging by all of the workout advice, videos, step-by-step instruction, and even tracking tools available online now, one might think it would be easier than ever to get and stay fit. (If only real life, real responsibilities, and competing priorities didn’t get in the way!) I’m astounded (in a good way) by the quality of some of the stuff that’s out there–free. I mean, what did we used to do before the Internet when we needed a new ab move or cardio circuit? Read magazines, checked out books (remember those?) from the library (remember that?), asked a friend (and not a Facebook “friend”).

I have recently discovered the treasure trove of handy visual workouts on Pinterest. LOVE! The quick visuals tell you just about all you need to know to get a move (or sequence of moves) down–no reading required. I thought I’d list a few of my favorites here.

1. Great All-Purpose Yoga Sequence. It’s meant for morning, but remember … it’s always 6 a.m. somewhere!

Source: via Cathy on Pinterest


2. Band Practice.  Particularly helpful, since I never know quite how to use those stretchy bands.

Source: via Exie on Pinterest


3. A Little Ab Inspiration. You’ll never get bored with your ab workout again!

Source: Uploaded by user via Kate on Pinterest


4. Your Butt … on the Ball. Great—now I have something else to use my ball for, other than a stand-in for a desk chair.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


5. Super-simple Circuit. I ADORE circuits—they’re a great way of getting your cardio and resistance work in a short amount of time. And there are a million ways to slice and dice them. To get the entire download from Fit Sugar, click through to the site.

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

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