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The good, the bad, the outrageous: fitness headlines just in time for Halloween.
By Lisa Delaney | Posted October 29, 2012
Next thing you know, they'll put built-in TVs on these things.

The results of this week’s web surfing expedition yielded some REAL gems. Check ‘em out.

Puppy Treadmills, Kitty Kickboxing?
While I’m as concerned about the growing numbers of obese pets–and the health problems they’re encountering–as the next doggy mommy, I just can’t help but think that putting our pups (and kitties) on treadmills, strapping pedometers on paws, and signing them up for group fitness classes is the answer. But apparently, some people do–and are willing to shell out up to $500 for a machine to walk their dogs, according to this Reuters story.

It appears that treadmills are de rigueur for the pedigreed pups in this video.

One Wet Ride
I like stationary bikes. I like hot tubs. But a stationary bike IN a hot tub? Not so much. That’s the concept, though, behind the FitWet“jet bike.” Not only does it sound dangerous to submerge yourself in hot water while you’re working out, but the whole thing just seems awkward and uncomfortable. And implausible. According to the website [actual phrasing], “The jets exert a massaging action and especially a draining one: strong reduction of the cellulite, of the orange skin and of the retention of water. In the course of the Jet Bike sessions, the waist refines, the buttocks and legs are invigorated. The Jet Bike is ideal for the silhouette! He’s also recommended to all these women who have heavy legs …”  Talk about awkward … my copy editors are having a fit as we speak.


Can you imagine working out in this?

Honey, I Unshrunk My Brain!
Loving this study suggesting that exercise—even for adults in their 70s—confers powerful brain benefits. Researchers measured brain shrinkage, a marker for developing Alzheimer’s, in a group of 70-something adults. Those who were physically active had significantly less shrinkage than those who didn’t. Not only that, but mental activities, like crossword puzzles, and social stimulation seemed to have no effect on brain shrinkage. Step away from the sudoku, mom, and get out that walker!

One Scary Workout
And, finally, check out this Halloween-inspired workout from Elizabeth Kovar, a trainer in Everett, Wash. She uses a pumpkin–yes, the real thing–as a prop in moves like the Dracula Side Plank, Jack The Ripper and Zombie Glute Lift. Cute!

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