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By Lisa Delaney | Posted March 18, 2013
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Speaking of Moving Fetes . . .
Right on the heels of my Move Your Fete post from a few weeks ago comes this Reuters’ story (published here by the Columbus Dispatch) about the growing trend toward celebrating milestones—birthdays, divorces, bachelorette parties—with fitness parties. Obviously, I love it, but it’s a eentsy bit disheartening that pole dancing parties seem to be the most popular. But hey—whatever blows your skirt up.

Bugs in Bars?
In our never-ending quest for new “superfoods” (and, I suppose, marketing gimmicks), one energy bar company is taking an interesting approach … check out the video.

Let the Spirit Move You … REALLY Move You
The Catholic girl in me loves this story of a parish in Cold Spring, Ohio (again with Ohio!), which has about 300 faithful aiming to cover the 6,286 miles to Jerusalem by either walking or praying during Lent. Participants get credit for all sorts of exercise as well as such thing as praying the rosary (1 rosary = 1 mile) and attending Bible study. The church decided to allow credits for prayer to make it easier for the elderly of people who have limited mobility to participate. A nice way to get people to focus on physical and spiritual fitness.

Former Fat Trainers!
Finally, this Former Fat Girl had to click through this slideshow from on Fitness Experts Who Used to be Fat. Now, you know I don’t equate thinness with fitness, and value strong over skinny. But I just had this conversation with a co-worker yesterday about how it’s so important when you’re hooking up with a trainer that they know where you’re coming from emotionally as well as physically. If you’re battling your weight, you need someone who understands the shame, inhibition, and self-sabotage (among other things) that can be contributing to your issues, so they know how to push you–and how far. It’s not a fool-proof strategy, but  a trainer who has a personal history of being overweight can be a powerful partner in your quest to get fit and healthy.

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