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Juice and juicing have never been more popular.
By Emily Sandford | Posted December 5, 2012

Juicing seems to be growing in popularity right now, and you can bet that come January 1, many people will participate in juice fasts to detoxify from the holidays and start the New Year off with a healthy bang. Also popping up in certain cities are juice bars and juice delivery services, which seem to take the guesswork out of the process of juicing. I sat down with Kimmye Bohannon, owner of The Weekly Juicery, a juice bar and juice delivery service in Lexington, Ken., to learn more about juicing.

What is cold-pressed juice and how is it different from other juicing methods?
“There are basically two ways of making juice. One is centrifuge, where the vegetable is chopped with blades while being spun at a high speed to extract the juice. This rapid action allows heat and air to enter the juice, which can attack the live enzymes. It’s still a great way to juice — especially at home — but it needs to be consumed immediately.

The other way is cold-pressed. Cold pressing happens in two stages. First, the machine slowly chews and mashes the produce into a pulp, not creating heat or introducing air to the process. Next, it presses the mashed produce very slowly through cheesecloth to extract the juice. The process doesn’t heat up the juice so it can be kept for three days in the refrigerator without losing the live enzymes.”

What do you recommend as far as juice fasting for newbies?
“What we typically recommend is a three-day fast. It’s a good place for most people to start. It consists of five 16-ounce juices per day, so it’s a good amount of calories: not too few or too many.”

Are there things you should do to prepare for the juice fast, and how do you go back to foods afterwards?
“Before you start a juice fast, you should take on a cleaner way of eating. Don’t have a “last supper” moment in the days leading up. Eating light to heavy during the day — raw salads early, then root vegetables or baked sweet potatoes — this will really help you start heading into detox. Going from cheeseburgers to juicing is just a rough transition. And on the backend, follow the same principle — eating light and then going heavier. It’s like yoga. Come out of the pose as you go into the pose. Come out of the fast as you went into the fast.

Also, it’s much easier when you get friends or family to participate with you. Set happy hour on the juice fast. Make it an event versus something you’re flying solo on.”

You mentioned you started juicing at home. How would you recommend others start?
I started with, and love, the Breville JE98XL (Juice Fountain Plus). It’s under $150 and is a great juicer. It’s a centrifuge juicer, so you need to consume it immediately, but it’s still great.

For the home juicer, does the produce used need to be organic?
If possible, yes. But if it’s cost-prohibitive, use local or conventional if needed. Don’t let the inability to purchase organic produce be a reason for not juicing. Another option is to buy the base of your juice (romaine, kale, carrots, beets) as organic and supplement with conventional produce.

People love the fruit juices, but what about the greens?
“I tell people to always start with greens. You’ll love the fruit juices, but you need to love the green to get the full benefit. It takes about three weeks for people to really start loving the green juices, but once they do, they are hooked. You could do a simple juice of romaine, kale, cucumber, lemon, and ginger. Adding lemon and ginger will break down the medicinal hit of the greens. If needed you can put in a little stevia to help with the taste. I recommend NuNaturals Stevia because it doesn’t have the bitterness that many stevia brands do. “

Thanks Kimmye for the information and my “Cool Kale Energy” juice. Kale, cucumbers, beet, lemon, ginger and stevia. Mighty tasty!


Do you juice? What’s your favorite juice?




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