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A raw food diet can be bland, but with the help of these top raw food bloggers, it's anything but.
By Emily Sandford | Posted February 6, 2013
A list of the best raw food bloggers.

Along with higher meat diets such as paleo and primal that are all the rage, you also have diets like raw food that fall on an opposite spectrum made up of uncooked and unprocessed items including fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and nuts.

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In preparing raw food, items shouldn’t be heated above 104-115 degrees Fahrenheit (depending on who you ask) as that is the approximate temperature at which enzymes, photonutrients, vitamins and minerals begin to break down. The nutritional goal of raw eating is to maintain all of those healthy enzymes to encourage super cell function and thus an overall improvement in health. Those who practice a raw diet often talk about their increased mental clarity and energy. If you’re anything like myself, you could use all of that you can get!

Instead of the stove or oven for food preparation, raw foodies use tools such as juicers, food processors and dehydrators to create their meals.

Learning about raw foods is really easy with such vast resources online and in bookstores. Here are five great raw food blogs that both educate and make your mouth water:

  • The Rawtarian: An amazing site filled with delicious raw food recipes from raw vegan Laura-Jane. I’m headed out to buy some raw cacao powder so I can make these Raw Chocolate Haystacks.
  • Philip McCluskey: I came across Philip’s YouTube videos about four years ago and was amazed as he lost 215 pounds after switching to a raw diet. Check out his popular recipe for Raw Cauliflower Popcorn.
  • Kristen’s Raw: Kristen is the author of “Raw Awakening” and is an accomplished raw/vegan chef. Her photos are beautiful and the recipes sound easy and tasty. She has a large amount of educational content on her site as well, so it’s a great place to learn more about living raw.  On my list to try: Cinnamon Brownies.
  • Choosing Raw: Blogger Gina is a pre-medical, post-baccalaureate student at Georgetown University and is also a certified clinical nutritionist (C.C.N). She isn’t 100 percent raw, but features a lot of raw recipes and advocates for incorporating more raw foods into all diets. Try the Festive Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Goji Berry Salad.
  • Rawmazing: This site is full of beautiful photos and easy-to-follow recipes for those looking to learn more about preparing raw food. Piquing my interest? Raw Cauliflower Apple Soup.


Do you adhere to a raw diet? Experimented with it? Let us know how it went! 

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